Email & Social Media Templates

Email & Social Media Templates

Stay In Touch With Your Entire Database

Most agents know thousands of people. Whether it’s their friends on Facebook, Instagram, or other Social Media sites — or the thousands of people in their email and leads databases — we give you the tools to promote your magazine to all of them.

Anyone you’ve met is a potential source of business. The people who receive your magazines will be pleasantly surprised to receive something from you filled with helpful home tips. And since it’s enjoyable content, they’ll be happy to share this content with their friends and family who are buying or selling. So take advantage of this tool, and start cultivating your entire database to win more referrals.

Social Media Marketing Templates

Every month, you’ll have access to four different social media templates, so you can promote your magazine just about every week of the month. You can post these in any order you choose, at any time you choose.

Social Media Templates
Email Marketing

Email Marketing Template

We provide you with fresh, new marketing templates every month. We provide four separate email marketing templates per magazine issue, so you can promote your magazines just about every week of the month. Simply choose which email you’d like to send, copy and paste it into your email sender of choice, and send it out.