Frequently asked questions

Q: What’s included in the membership?


  • Your own personalized referral-generating magazine. My team will create it for you so you don’t have to. You can change the cover if you want, or you can use it exactly as it is.
  • 30 printed copies of your magazine. We’ll ship them directly to your past clients and sphere, so you receive more referrals.
  • A digital magazine to share with your Past Clients and Sphere. You can email it to them or post it on Social Media.
  • Weekly Emails for you to send to your Past Clients and Sphere. These emails will promote your digital magazine and generate more referrals.
  • Weekly Social Media Articles. Simply post them on Social Media and generate more referrals.

Q: Can I see a sample magazine?


Yes, go here to view a sample.

Q: What type of content is inside the magazine?


Content that every homeowner will enjoy. It has articles about:

  • Ways to enjoy your home.
  • Remodeling ideas and tips.
  • Decorating ideas and tips.
  • Tips that you would give to someone who just purchased their home.

In addition, all of this information will help lead people down a path to contact you if they are thinking about buying or selling.

Q: What can I customize in the magazine?


Front Cover

Front Inside Cover

Back Inside Cover

Back Cover

Q: How are the magazines sent out?


We mail them directly to your Past Clients and Sphere. Simply provide us with their contact information and we’ll mail the magazines directly to them.

Q: How do I provide my mailing list to you?


You can email it to us or upload it into our system. We accept CSV, excel, and many other file types.

Q: How often will you mail the magazine? 


We mail the magazines to your Past Clients and SOI once a month.

Q: How big is the magazine?


It’s the same size as a magazine you see in the mail or at the bookstore. 8.5 inches wide by 11 inches wide.