How It Works

how it works

Open Magazine

Step 1: Choose Your Cover

You can select the standard “Most Popular” Option. Or, if you choose, you can modify the magazine to fit your brand or personality.

Here are some of the things you can modify if you choose:

  • The Front Cover. Every month, we give you 5 different front cover options to choose from.
  • The Cover Letter that goes on the inside of the front cover. You can use the generic cover letter we put on the inside or write your own personalized letter.
  • The Back Inside Cover can be used to display your testimonials, offer a free home evaluation, or show off your newly listed or recently sold homes.
  • The Back Cover. We give you 5 different Back Cover Options. Simply select the one you like the best, and we’ll use it on your Printed and Digital Magazines.

Once you are done creating your magazine, our team will print and send your Printed Magazines directly to your past clients and sphere.

Then, we’ll send you your Digital Magazine so you can promote it on Social Media and send it to your database. 


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Step 2: Promote Your Magazine On  Social Media

We provide four separate social media templates per magazine issue to promote your magazines every week of the month.

You can post these in any order you choose, at any time you choose. Just take our templates and post them from your Social Media profiles.

Step 3: Send Your Magazine to Your Leads

We provide you with email templates so you can send your magazine to all of your leads. Don’t be surprised if an old lead replies back and asks you to help them with a sale.

This also simplifies lead follow up. Instead of calling to “check in,” you can call and ask if they got your magazine. Many agents use an email tracking software to see who read their magazine, so they can follow up with them.

Agent Delivers Magazine

Step 4: Promote Your Magazine

In Person

If you have any remaining printed copies, you can hand them out at Open Houses or Events, or give them to your neighbors and anyone else you meet.