Printed Magazines

Your Very Own Printed Magazine!

Your magazine demonstrates your professionalism, so you become the “Go To” Agent for your past clients and sphere.

"I’ve always gotten the majority of my business from Repeat and Referral Business. However, providing great service for your customers isn’t enough to win their referrals and repeat business. You have to constantly remind them that you’re in the business so they never forget about you."

Jim Curry

Jim Curry
Florida Homes Realty

Why Have Your Own Magazine?

Demonstrate Your Professionalism And Expertise.

Each magazine is professionally designed and printed so it feels high-end, almost like Architectural Digest. Rather than looking like another “pushy” agent desperate for business, you’re giving your clients something fun and memorable.

Leave the cold calling and high-pressure sales tactics to your competition when you position yourself as the distinguished option with your personally branded magazine. Your past clients and sphere will be impressed and see that you're the strongest choice.

Jim Curry Holding a Home Sweet Home Magazine
Putting Magazine in Mailbox

Never Let Your Past Clients Or Sphere Forget About You.

The biggest reason you miss out on referrals and repeat business is because your past clients and sphere forgot about you.

They won't forget about you when you show up in their mailbox month after month with a professionally published magazine.

Sending your magazine creates goodwill and subtly demonstrates your willingness to help. Your past clients and sphere will want to “give back” and send you business.

Build Trust With Your Past Clients & Sphere

Studies show that the more people see your name and face, the more they will come to know, like, and trust you.

You automatically build trust when your sphere sees your face again and again with every new month's issue. They'll feel more comfortable using you on their next transaction and recommending you to their friends and family.

Jim Curry Delivers Magazine to a Home Owner
Lead Capture Site

Use Your Magazine To Generate Leads.

You can use your magazine as “bait” to attract people who are thinking of buying or selling a home.

Instead of offering the same thing as every other agent, you can offer something that makes you stand out.

People love these magazines because they’re full of entertaining content, and they’ll enter their information to receive a copy.

You Close More Appointments When You Have A Magazine.

Imagine being able to walk into every appointment and “wow” the person right off the bat.

That’s what happens when you give away your magazine at the beginning of a listing presentation. Sellers will be impressed, and every presentation will start off on the right foot.

As a result, you’ll win more listings and grow your business.

Magazine and Listing Contract
Front Cover

Your name and photo are featured prominently so you stay at the forefront of your receiver’s mind.

Choose from a diverse selection of covers for each issue to ensure your magazine perfectly fits your brand and image.

Table Of Contents

Your table of contents includes a personal message from you about the content in each month’s issue.

Some issues may be centered around a season or special holiday to ensure your readers are compelled to read every page.


Testimonials and reviews are some of the most powerful ways to win clients. After all, a client is more likely to believe a review or testimonial than your own word.

That’s why we allow you to add all of them inside your magazine. Simply copy and paste your testimonials into the magazine builder, and we’ll put them into your next issue.

Fun & Helpful Content

Your magazine is filled with fun articles and content for your reader to enjoy. This is something they’ll actually look forward to receiving.

At the same time, the content subtly positions you as an expert and demonstrates your expertise.

Your prospective clients will be impressed and call you!

Back Cover

You can use your back cover to advertise whatever you want — new listings or sales, a home value report, a link to your lead capture page. It’s yours to use how you please.

You can even advertise your Home Selling Tips book if you’re an Authorify Member.

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